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I’ve been thinking about how we can use our Blogs initiative to get serious debate going on topics that we care about.  One of my ideas is to set up, from time to time, online debates that put ideas coming out of the Berkman Center to the test — sort of a peer review via blogs.  The first of those mini-debates, in which journalist Jon Bonne reacts to Dave Winer’s idea of citizen bloggers covering the NH primary, just launched (with at least one more reply from Dave and Jon to come, I hope).  I’m unsure of whether we can get traction with this format, but it strikes me as worth the shot.  If you have a moment, give it a look and let us know whether it’s provocative or not, whether you could imagine a better way to make things interesting, etc.

Credit where credit is due: the mini-debate idea, I’ll fully admit, is inspired by Slate‘s wonderful series of the same sort. 

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